C.V. Axle Replacement

We’re able to replace axles on FWD and 4×4 vehicles. Note — If a damaged boot caught early, simply replacing the CV joint boot and repacking the CV joint with fresh grease may fix the problem. If one continues driving with broken boot, the CV joint or a whole drive shaft will need to be replaced. In worst case, the CV joint may dis-join causing the vehicle to stop running. A common symptom of a axle that is bad may click when turning a u turn, however, they don’t have to click to be bad.

Axle replacement usually takes one hour.

Current Quotes

  • 1992 thru 2004 Honda Civic $189.00 each side
  • 1996 Honda Accord V-6 $209.00 each side
  • 1990 thru 2000 Toyota Corrolla $189.00 each side
  • 1993 thru 1998 Ford Escort $199.00 each side
  • 1993 thru 2000 Toyota Camry V-6 $209.00 each side


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