Signs Your Honda Needs Its Brakes Replaced

It can be a difficult thing to know when your Honda needs certain maintenance from a professional. With all of the safety features that protect your vehicle, it’s easy to forget how vital your brakes are. Brakes are the most important safety feature on your Honda, so it’s important that you make sure they are in their best working condition. Here are some signs that your Honda needs its brakes replaced. 

Signs Your Honda Needs Its Brakes Replaced

One of the first indicators that you need to replace your brakes is a high pitched squealing noise when you press down on the brake pedal. This noise is caused by a tiny metal piece in your brake system, indicating that your brake pads have thinned to below a quarter inch thickness. This sound can also happen when your car gets wet, but that should stop after a few minutes of driving. If the noise doesn’t stop, make sure to schedule an appointment with Hathaway Auto Repair to have your pads replaced.

If you neglect your brake pads for long enough and continue to drive without getting them replaced, that squealing noise will turn into a very aggressive grinding noise. This indicates that your Honda’s brake pads have been completely worn through.

Another common indicator that your brakes need to be replaced is when your brake pedal vibrates. This is the result of your rotors being exposed to excessive heat, which has caused them to warp. When this happens, your brake pads can’t evenly hold onto the rotors, which is why you feel this vibration.

Now, maybe you don’t feel any vibrations or hear any noises. It still might be time to get your brakes replaced. Pay attention to your stopping power when you hit the brakes. Is it the same as when you first purchased your car? If there is a significant difference in stopping power, it is most likely time to get your brakes replaced!

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